Thursday, 1 March 2012

Slow Living Diary (Feb 2012)

 This is the second installment of my Slow Living Diary for 2012. The original concept came from Christine at Slow Living Essentials and she has invited everyone to join in!

NOURISH: The Thermomix has been used a bit this month, after being neglected a little over the Christmas period. Custard has been a particular favourite this month! There has also been lots of salad and mountains of delicious avocado! (Little Mouse has been devouring avocado lately!) 

PREPARE: I am trying to create a new habit around preparing. All too often I find myself too tired, too frazzled, or just can't be bothered making dinner at the end of 'one of those days'! So we've been cooking up batches of Spaghetti Sauce and crumbing up chicken and steak, to pull out of the freezer on day's like that. Hopefully we will be adding meatballs, pie's, quiches and stew's to that list soon!

REDUCE: Hubby has been sent off to his work bench a few times this month to fix broken toy's for Boo, instead of throwing them out. And I have recently acquired a fabulous vintage sheet that will be up-cycled into dresses, top's and pants for all our friends with little girls! 

GREEN: Unplugging at power points and having a few weeks TV free saved us lots of power in February! The rain has also made an appearance in the last week, which has reduced our water usage for the garden.   

GROW: The garden has been looking a little sad this past month. Our only harvest has been some spinach and of course, parsley and basil.

CREATE: I've been sketching up new idea's for Easter gifts for the little ones. Might just have my first go at a bunny softie ;)   

DISCOVER: I chanced upon 'Consuming Innocence' by Karen Brooks at the Library and found it an interesting read on popular culture and our children. We also found some bargain kids encyclopedia's on dinosaurs and the ocean, at our local newsagent.

ENHANCE: We've made new friends, connected with old friends and had lovely chats with strangers on the street!

ENJOY: Chat's with friends while our kids play together, Organic fruit and veggie deliveries, and support and wise words from my online community xo

How was your month??


  1. ooh, you have a thermomix? A friend of mine has one too and she made the most delicious white chocolate custard last week to go with some cake..yum. Also some homemade mayo that really impressed me. I'm really liking your idea of going TV free for a spell. :)

  2. yes, we looove the thermomix! I haven't made a white chocolate custard yet but it's on the to do list!
    I really enjoyed going tv free, both for the energy savings and for the peace and quiet! Now to convince hubby to make the trial permanent!!

  3. Hi Trish, We havent had a TV for about 8 years! You wont miss it. You'll read more, get more things done and more importantly TALK more - to your kids, hubby, family, friends. Its gotta be good for you! Ditch the TV - or simply unplug the aerial and just watch DVD's.
    Good luck! - Kara

  4. Wow TV free! I have massivly reduced my TV consumption over the past several months and the boys are generally watching less as well, but TV free for not just week but weeks! Perhaps that's a challenge I can put forward to the family for later in the year.