Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Thomas Obsession...

My son loves Thomas the Tank Engine. I would even go as far as saying he is obsessed with it. He was given part of a train track for Christmas 2 years ago and hasn't been interested in anything else since. With another Christmas, 2 birthdays, visits from grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends he has managed to collect 5 more parts for the track and around 35 trains!!! He has DVD's of Thomas, story books, colouring books, clothes, backpacks, the list is endless! He will spend literally HOURS each day playing with his trains.
Getting his trains ready for a 'bath' in a tub of water

At one stage, I'll admit, I was rather worried about this obsession. Perhaps I feared it would never end, or that he wasn't learning enough or engaging in a variety of things. Then I took a step back. I watched him play. He wasn't just racing trains around the track all day. He was telling detailed stories. He was having conversations between engines. He was singing songs he had made up about them. He was learning to share with his sister. He was counting engines, boilers and wheels. He was naming colours. He was learning new words. He was using them as a conversation starter with people we met in the community. He was exercising his boundless imagination. And most importantly, when he's with his trains, he is joyful and engaged. 

Perhaps I'll learn to live with them for a little while longer...

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  1. I also have a Thomas boy. He plays with such concentration and interest. Thomas has saved our sanity at times.