Monday, 6 February 2012

Slow Living Diary (Jan 2012)

I've been following the fabulous blog "Slow Living Essentials" for a while now, and this year Christine is inviting everyone to join in her 'Slow Living Diary'. A once a month look at what's going on in your slow living life. It sounds like a great way to share and reflect so I'm joining in!

NOURISH: After going away on holidays it has been wonderful to get back and start up our organic fruit and vegetable delivery. We've also been trying out some fabulous sourdough bread with hopes of baking our own bread everyday. I have been looking into the nutritional value of fermenting foods and hope to start with some simple sauerkraut. New snack foods are also on the 'to do' list. These nut-free bliss balls sound delish!

PREPARE: Stockpilling and preserving is fairly foreign around here, but that is something we are hoping to change. I've been on the look out for Jars and such in the local op-shops, but if that doesn't pan out that we might be ordering some mason jars online! There are also plans to freeze the excess amounts of spinach for use over winter. Must look into that.

REDUCE: We have started up a craft box which is slowly filling with lots of toilet paper rolls, cardboard boxes, milk bottle lids etc for us to re-use and re-purpose on a rainy day!
We are also trying to reduce the amount of car trips we take and making sure that when we do go out in the car, we do numerous errands at once to save going out again.

GREEN: Examining our water usage has been our green thing this month. Shorter showers and more efficient use of water in the veggie garden have been our main goals. 

GROW: We have an enormous amount of spinach and have also harvested our first crop of sweet corn, onions and some very interesting shaped carrots! A pruning of our rosemary bush saw us with lots of bunches to share with friends!

CREATE: Lots of creating being done for PattiCake Lane with new products to be released soon. Also managed to get my hands on some luscious magenta corduroy to make some thing for Mouse for winter.  

DISCOVER:Watched this fabulous documentary on Planned Obsolescence. Mind blowing stuff.

ENJOY: Watching my two beautiful children play together in the sandpit. Lots of giggling while covering their toes with sand.

How was your January?


  1. Oh, this has given me SO many ideas! Thank you.

  2. Great to have you along, Trish! :)