Monday, 2 January 2012

Finding our Rhythm

Daily Rhythm. The natural Eb and flow of our family life. Sometimes it's hard for me to let go of my preconceived ideas of what our day SHOULD look like...and surrender to what our energies NEED instead. When I let go, I find our days flow better. We still have things the need to be done (the washing, cleaning, cooking), but it seems as if these daily 'musts' just slide in to place a whole lot easier when I relinquish control. Some days I need to stop. take a step back. and ask this REALLY urgent? Can it wait 5 minutes? Is it more important then connecting with my kids? The answer is almost always no.

So as this new year begins, I am trying to focus on finding our family rhythm. I am listening to what my kids are naturally drawn to. It's been an interesting journey thus far. We've gone back to listening to music while we cook dinner. And we've found ourselves more relaxed, more silly and more connected. We have started saying 'yes' more. 'Yes' lets go to the park. 'Yes' you can play in the bath in the middle of the day. 

We are still trying to work everything into our day, and as life changes so to will our Rhythm. But right now I am enjoying the feeling of letting go and am excited to see where this takes us.



  1. Really like the idea of music while cooking =)

  2. Its wonderful Chele! We used to do it all the time pre-kids and dance around the kitchen! Now it's even more fun with the kids dancing too!