Thursday, 9 June 2011

Gardening Middle

This is the next chapter in our gardening adventures…

Surprisingly, many of the plants in our little raised garden bed have been growing rather nicely. Although I’m sure this has more to do with good soil then my green thumbs. We did encounter some problems with wilt disease on our tomatoes and have been having a vicious war with invading slugs!

This is our slightly overgrown garden bed with mountains of Parsley and Basil, a delicious Silverbeet (Rainbow Chard) and a gigantic Chilli bush!

We were a little over zealous with our parsley planting, and ended up with 8 huge bushes!

The Rosemary bush is growing nicely, and has been well used for Lamb Roasts and Rosemary Chicken Drumsticks!

The Zucchini plant has been flowering beautifully.

We've been having great success with our Strawberries...

And they've become Boo's favourite thing to pick and eat straight from the garden :)

Our newest garden helper!...Mouse at 2 months

Hopefully our gardening success continues and we can try out some more challenging plants!

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