Friday, 25 March 2011

Garden Beginings

The ultimate dream has always been to have a beautiful organic veggie garden that is able to supply us with food all year round. The reality is a rented house on a small suburban block with some grass for the kids and landscaped edges. So there was only one thing we could do...turn some of our 'landscaped edges' into veggie producing raised garden beds!

So out came the bark chips, hard dirt and builders rubble, and in went the beautiful organic loam from a local landscape suppler.

It was slow beginnings with some flat leaf parsley and a slowly dying tomato plant we were desperate to save. We later discovered that the tomato plant had wilt disease, but not before it spread to all our other tomatoes!

We added a rosemary bush and a little owl to watch over our plants.

We also had some potted plants of mint, curled parsley, basil and garlic chives. And little Boo to help with the watering!

This was the beginning of our journey to a sustainable food source. We are most definitely in the category of amateur gardeners but with this, as with any part of the journey, it is all about the process. We learn along the way. Hopefully, one day, our dream of growing all our vegetables will become a reality.


  1. From humble beginnings come great things my dear :)
    You are doing a FANTASTIC job!! It looks great :D
    I couldn't keep anything alive in pots when I first started (still a little bad at it) so you're doing even better than I was hehehe
    You'll have your food paradise soon :)
    Where in oz are you situated? What sort of climate and conditions do you have to work with?

  2. I need to add the next chapter when we get home (currently on holidays). I have lots to add on mountains of parsley, tons of chilli and runaway zucchini plants! We are in South Australia.